Polestar Automotive Germany GmbH

Erftstraße 15 – Design Offices Mediapark
50672 Köln

Ph.: +49-(0)-8 00 / 4 61-23 07
E-Mail: info@polestar.com
Web: www.polestar.com/de

Persons in charge
Managing Director Willem Baudewijns
Selected divisions:
Sales and Fleet Frank Mäling
Marketing Marlene Freienstein
Commercial Operations Maren Kerperin
Finance and Administration Vanessa Werner
Aftersales Boris Krella
Customer Experience Sarah Owerdieck
Public Relations Anna Wesolowski
Facts & Figure
Nominal capital no data available
Annual Sales no data available
Employees 70
Dealer bases 9 Sales; 200 Service
New vehicle registrations 2,631
Number of registered vehicles in
Germany (01.01.2022)
Information on collection points
by phone / hotline
via Internet Polestar
via contractual partners
Information on environmental activities
Workshop disposal system