Polestar Automotive Germany GmbH

Erftstraße 15 – Design Offices Mediapark
50672 Köln

Ph.: +49-(0)-8 00 / 4 61-23 07
E-Mail: info@polestar.com
Web: www.polestar.com/de

Persons in charge
Managing Director Willem Baudewijns
Selected divisions:
Sales and Fleet Michael Martensen
Marketing Marlene Freienstein
Commercial Operations Maren Kerperin
Finance and Administration Vanessa Werner
Aftersales Pierre Mehlem
Customer Experience Sarah Owerdieck
Retail Network Bastian Ruther
Public Relations Anna Wesolowski
Facts & Figure
Nominal capital no data available
Annual Sales no data available
Employees 70
Dealer bases 9 Sales; 200 Service
New vehicle registrations 2,631
Number of registered vehicles in
Germany (01.01.2022)
Information on collection points
by phone / hotline
via Internet Polestar
via contractual partners
Information on environmental activities
Workshop disposal system