International manufacturers

The international motor vehicle manufacturers have been successfully operating in Germany for years. In 2020, VDIK members will account around 40 percent of new passenger car registrations. This corresponds to sales of over 1.2 million passenger cars. In addition, there are around 100,000 commercial vehicles from international manufacturers registered in Germany. The VDIK market share for commercial vehicles is around 28 percent.

Market share increases

The market share of international manufacturers in Germany has risen continuously in recent years. By over 4 percentage points alone since 2016. There are many reasons for this. For example, international manufacturers have benefited from the fact that German customers have recently purchased significantly fewer diesel cars but have switched to other drivetrains. International manufacturers have traditionally been strong here: they offer – even more so than their German competitors – many gasoline engines.

Passenger car market share of international manufacturers in Germany

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Source: KBA; VDIK

Alternative drives

Another particular strength of the international manufacturers is their wide range of vehicles with alternative drivetrains. The international manufacturers launched particularly low-emission models on the market at an early stage and are currently very successful: the best-selling battery electric car in Germany comes from a VDIK member company (2020). Even the plug-in hybrid with the highest number of registrations is an imported car. In 2020, close to 150,000 hybrid vehicles without plugs were registered by VDIK member companies. Customers can also buy modern fuel cell vehicles from VDIK companies. The VDIK market share for natural gas and liquid gas is over 75 percent.

An overview of all models can be found in the list of the current range of electric vehicles offered by VDIK member companies. The list contains around 120 electric vehicles that can be ordered and purchased by customers in Germany.

Variety appeals

Every single one of the international brands active in Germany stands for a very individual offer and a special brand image. From attractive small cars to numerous compact and mid-range models to premium and sports cars – the diversity of the range also contributes to the success of the international manufacturers in Germany.

Over 100,000 employees

International manufacturers have become an important economic factor in Germany. They work together with around 11,000 dealer bases. They employ over 100,000 people there and in their German headquarters. The VDIK members invest in infrastructure and set up European logistics, training and development centres. Some companies have their European headquarters in Germany. In addition, the international manufacturers are important clients of the German supplier companies.

Commercial vehicles

International commercial vehicle manufacturers are also active in Germany, offering the entire range of commercial vehicles from light vans to heavy trucks. Their market share is around 28 percent. Alternative drive systems are also playing an increasingly important role in road freight transport. The international motor vehicle manufacturers therefore offer various vans with electric or gas drivetrains. For heavy trucks, gas in particular currently has great potential for reducing CO2 emissions: VDIK member companies offer commercial vehicles for both gaseous and liquid natural gas (CNG, LNG).

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