The Association of International Motor Vehicle Manufacturers has represented the interests of international car and commercial vehicle manufacturers in Germany since 1952. This includes 38 brands from 13 different countries. Currently, 38 brands from 13 different countries belong to the VDIK. International manufacturers sell over one million cars in Germany every year. That is a market share of around 39 percent. In addition, the VDIK members sell around 100,000 commercial vehicles.

Important economic factor

The international manufacturers have been an important economic factor in Germany for decades. They work together with around 11,000 dealer and service centers. There and in their German sales headquarters, they employ more than 100,000 people. The international manufacturers invest in infrastructure and build European logistics, training and development centers. Some companies have their European headquarters in Germany. In addition, the international manufacturers are important customers of the German supplier industry.

Alternative drives

The international motor vehicle manufacturers’ range of innovative, environmentally friendly vehicles with different concepts in all segments and price categories appeals to discerning German customers. International manufacturers also launched vehicles with alternative drive trains on the market at an very early stage.They aremaking a major contribution to the wide range of electric cars available to customers in Germany today.

VDIK safeguards interests

The VDIK is the central voice of its members. The association’s task is to bundle the common interests and represent them vis-à-vis political institutions and the public. The VDIK is characterized by strong cohesion. This is crucial and indispensable for the association’s assertiveness. In addition to representing its interests, the VDIK supports its members in all relevant matters of fundamental importance to the automotive industry. The Association provides advice on specialist topics.

Active since 1952

The Association of International Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (VDIK) was founded in 1952 in Frankfurt am Main. Even before the VDIK was founded, the “Motor Vehicle Importers Group” existed as an association within the Central Association of the Motor Vehicle Trade (ZDK). However, seven automobile importers broke away from the ZDK in 1952, founded the VDIK and thus established their own interest group. They had a market share of just 4 percent.

In addition to Fiat, the largest importer at the time, Austin, Chrysler, Dodge, Nash, Packard, Simca and Willy’s Overland were founding members. Today, almost all of the importers represented in Germany belong to the VDIK. According to its founders, the association was intended to “… promote and protect the general idealistic and economic interests of the importers of motor vehicles in the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany, including West Berlin, through the voluntary association of the companies involved in the import of motor vehicles.”