End-of-life vehicle recycling

Nation-wide take-back system

According to the German End-of-Life Vehicles Directive, manufacturers and importers are obliged to take back all end-of-life vehicles of their make(s) from the last owner. These end-of-life vehicles must be taken back free of charge as soon as they are handed over to a recognised collection point or a recognised dismantling company designated for this purpose by a manufacturer. § Section 3 (4) of the End-of-Life Vehicles Directive defines exceptions to free take-back. For example, vehicles to which waste has been added or which no longer contain essential parts or components do not have to be taken back free of charge.

To fulfil this obligation, manufacturers and importers have set up a nationwide take-back system. In addition, cooperation with operators of workshop disposal systems ensures the return of old parts from vehicle repairs.

The data of the joint body to be set up by the federal states in accordance with the End-of-Life Vehicles Directive to record all recognised treatment facilities in the field of end-of-life vehicle disposal are available to everyone at www.altfahrzeugstelle.de

According to the End-of-Life Vehicles Directive, it is the task of the Joint Body for End-of-Life Vehicles (“GESA”) to collect data on recognised dismantling facilities, shredder facilities and other facilities for the further treatment of end-of-life vehicles centrally for the entire Federal Republic of Germany and to make them available both to the public and to the enforcement authorities.

Information on environmentally compatible product design can be found in the environmental reports of the international manufacturers.

Detailed information on the activities of a particular manufacturer can be found on our member page.