Road safety

Continuing to improve road safety is one of the main concerns of international motor vehicle manufacturers. The VDIK is involved in numerous committees and associations whose work in recent years has produced visible successes.

Number of road fatalities

The number of people killed or injured on the roads has been declining steadily for decades. After a historic low in 2017, however, the number of road deaths in Germany rose again slightly in 2018. 3,275 people lost their lives in road traffic. Compared with 2017, this was an increase of 3 percent. And yet it was the third lowest level since 1950. Nevertheless, it is clear that the trend towards fewer and fewer people being injured in road traffic is not a matter of course. Strong efforts must continue to be made to achieve the goal of even greater safety and fewer accidents.

Active and passive safety

International vehicle manufacturers have significantly influenced the positive development in road safety through their innovations in the field of active and passive safety. They will continue to make an active contribution to increasing road safety in the future. In particular, modern driver assistance systems and their networking with a wide variety of information sources will play an increasingly important role. International vehicle manufacturers are already increasingly equipping their vehicles with driver assistance systems. These systems support the driver in the driving task through better environmental detection and situation analysis, thus ensuring significantly greater safety.

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Road safety
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