Renault Deutschland AG

Peter-Huppertz-Straße 5
51063 Köln

Ph. +49-(0)-22 1 / 65 00 85 00

Persons in charge
Managing board:
Managing Director and Member of the Board of
Renault Deutschland GmbH
Thilo Schmidt
Sales Thomas Steffen
Marketing Nicolas Leitienne
Communication N.N.
Finances Didier Richard
Selected divisions:
Director Human Resources and Law Kay Forster
Director Computer Science and
Michael Jorissen
Director Quality and Customer Service Oliver Schieritz
Facts & Figures
Share Capital (2020) EUR 10.7 m
Shareholders Equity (2020) EUR 37.2 m
Annual Sales (2020) EUR 1,673 m
Employees no data
Dealer bases 849
New vehicle registrations (Pkw + Nfz) 42,100
Number of registered vehicles in
Germany (01.01.2020)
Information on collection points
by phone / hotline 0 22 32 / 73 – 76 01
via Internet Dacia
via contractual partners to the dealer search
Information on environmental activities to the website of the manufacturer
Workshop disposal system available