Bad Homburg. On the occasion of the exploratory talks on the forthcoming coalition negotiations, the international motor vehicle manufacturers once again clarify their positions on the topics ‘Economy/Transport’.

VDIK President Reinhard Zirpel emphasizes: “Maintaining and promoting affordable individual mobility through the elimination of infrastructure bottlenecks is a priority. Transport infrastructure is and will remain an important prerequisite for economic growth and prosperity in Germany. ”

These are the key positions:

  • Enhauncement of earmarking of income generated by road transport (mineral oil tax, VAT on mineral oil tax, motor vehicle tax, and truck toll) for road transport infrastructure, and implementation of the necessary transparency
  • Priorization of upkeep of the road network; upgrading and construction of new roads where there is a proven need
  • The implementation of the new 2030 Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan must not be delayed by bottlenecks in the planning and approval of the projects
  • Creation of technical and legal framework conditions for the gradual introduction of automated driving, taking into account social acceptance and data protection requirements
  • Enabling of digital integration of the automobile by improving mobile network coverage in Germany, and quickest possible rolling out a nationwide 5G mobile network accordant the 5G strategie of the federal cabinet
  • Maintaining the distance-based commuter allowance for commutes to and from work, and moderate increase towards the actual costs of mobility
  • Abstinece of a general speed limit on motorways for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles
  • Refusal of a general speed limit of 30 km/h in cities
  • Free world trade, no protectionism, no discrimination of market participants
  • Strengthening of the EU internal market
  • Further harmonization (if possible, worldwide) of all rules and regulations relating to motor vehicles

Positions of the VDIK on all policy areas are available for download on the VDIK website

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