FCA Germany GmbH

65423 Rüsselsheim

Ph. +49-(0)-69 / 6 69 88-0
Fax +49-(0)-69 / 6 69 88-9 01
E-Mail: kontakt@fiat.de
Web: www.fiat.de

Persons in charge
Chairman of the Board Lars Bialkowski
Selected divisions:
Managing Director Finance Norbert Tschrepp
Managing Director Human Resources Aleksander Jurkiewicz
Managing Director Dealer Development Johannes Alings
Managing Director Fleet & Business
Harald Koch
Managing Director Parts & Services Davide Ivac
Managing Director & Institutional Relations Sascha Wolfinger
Managing Director Customer Experience & Commercial Training Rebecca Reinermann
Sales Manager Fiat Roberto Debortoli
Marketing Manager Fiat Magdalena Jablonska
Brand Country Manager Fiat Roberto Debortoli
Facts & Figures
Nominal capital EUR 82.6 m
Turn over EUR 2.58 bn
Employees 307
Dealer bases 290
New vehicle registrations incl. Fiat Professional 131,000
Number of registered vehicles in
approx. 1,595,000 (FCA Group)
Information on collection points
by phone / hotline 0 08 00 / 34 28 00 00
via Internet Fiat
via contractual partners to the dealer search
Information on environmental activities to the website of the manufacturer
Workshop disposal system available