FCA Germany GmbH

65423 Rüsselsheim

Ph. +49-(0)-61 42 / 29 350 02
E-Mail: fcagroup@fiat-professional.de
Web: www.fiatprofessional.de

Persons in charge
Managing Director Lars Bialkowski
Selected divisions:
Managing Director Finance Norbert Tschrepp
Director Human Resources Annabelle Beckhoff
Director Sales Mainstream & Carflow Roberto Debortoli
Director Premium Brands Niccoló Biagioli
Director LCV Pascal Martens
Director Parts & Services Davide Giovanni Ivac
Director B2B Agnès Rubinstein
Director Used Cars Gabriele La Corte
Director Dealer Network Development Johannes Alings
Director Custommer Experience Thierry Dewambrechies
Director Customer Management Office Christine Schulze Tergeist
Director Communication Sascha Wolfinger
Brand Country Director Fiat Professional Andreas Mayer
Sales Fiat Professional Roberto Debortoli
Marketing Abarth Vincenza Guglielmi
Press Relations Sascha Wolfinger
Brand Country Director Fiat Professional Annika Löwe
Sales Fiat Professional Marc Wiechert
Marketing Fiat Professional Joachim Burkhardt
Press Relations Fiat Professional Markus Hauf
Facts & Figures
Nominal capital no data available
Annual Sales no data available
Employees no data available
Dealer bases 635
New vehicle registrations (Pkw & LCV) approx. 12.000
Number of registered vehicles in Germany (Pkw & LCV) 1.235.376
Information on collection points
by phone / hotline 00 800 / 3428 00 00
via Internet Fiat Professional
via contractual partners to the dealer search
Information on environmental activities to the website of the manufacturer
Workshop disposal system available