Stellantis Germany GmbH

65423 Rüsselsheim

Ph. +49-(0)-61 42 / 6 92-0

Persons in charge
Managing Director Lars Bialkowski
Selected divisions:
Managing Director Finance Norbert Tschrepp
Director Human Resources Annabelle Beckhoff
Director Sales Mainstream & Carflow Roberto Debortoli
Director Premium Brands Niccoló Biagioli
Director LCV Pascal Martens
Director Parts & Services Davide Giovanni Ivac
Director B2B Haico van der Luyt
Director Used Cars Thomas Goldboom
Director Dealer Network Development Johannes Alings
Director Custommer Experience Hans-Peter Leitmann
Director Customer Management Office Christine Schulze Tergeist
Director Communication Sascha Wolfinger
Managing Director Patrick Dinger
Marketing Manager Roman Franke
Press Relations Christopher Rux
Facts & Figures
Nominal capital no data available
Annual sales no data available
Employees no data available
Dealer bases 580
New vehicle registrations (Pkw & LCV) 36.687
Number of registered vehicles in
Germany (Pkw & LCV)
Information on collection points
by phone / hotline 08 00 / 44 44-7 75
via Internet Citroën
via contractual partners to the dealer search
Information on environmental activities to the website of the manufacturer
Workshop disposal system available