In January 2022, passenger cars with alternative drives again performed significantly better than the overall market. With a good 76,800 registrations, they grew by 23 percent.

The highest-volume group within the alternative drive systems was unplugged hybrids, with 35,226 registrations, up 42 percent. They were followed by purely electrically powered passenger cars with 20,892 new registrations and an increase of 28 percent. By contrast, new registrations of plug-in hybrids fell by 8 percent to 18,900 units. The strongest percentage growth was recorded by liquid gas vehicles (LPG, up 367 percent), while registrations of natural gas passenger cars shrank.

Reinhard Zirpel, President of the Association of International Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (VDIK), emphasized: “2022 got off to a particularly successful start for pure battery electric passenger cars and hybrids. However, the current delivery difficulties are also having an impact on alternative drive systems. If the situation at the plants improves, further growth can be expected.”

The VDIK regularly updates the list of electric vehicles from international manufacturers. The VDIK member companies currently offer around 140 electric models (including passenger cars and commercial vehicles) that customers can order in Germany. The VDIK electric list can be accessed here.

In the overall passenger car market, the weights continue to shift in the direction of alternative drives. In January 2022, they accounted for 42 percent of all new passenger car registrations. Pure gasoline engines accounted for 37 percent and pure diesels for 22 percent.

+/- (%) Share of total car market
BEV 20,892 28
18,900 -8
PHEV – Petrol 17,283 -6
PHEV – Diesel 1,617 -28
FCEV 20 150
Electric Vehicles (total) 39,812 8 22
35,226 42
HEV – Petrol 22,833 56
HEV – Diesel 12,393 21
CNG 186 -28
LPG 1,586 367
Alternative Drivetrains (total) 76,810 23 42
Petrol 67,575 7 37
Diesel 39,713 -10 22
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