The Federal Ministry of Transport has given the go-ahead for the national fleet renewal program for heavy trucks. The corresponding funding directive has already entered into force. The International Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association welcomes the launch of the new program. The market for heavy commercial vehicles slumped by around 29 percent last year due to the Corona pandemic in Germany. This also delayed the spread of fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly modern trucks. VDIK President Reinhard Zirpel explained: “The fleet renewal program helps to avert dangers for jobs and businesses in the commercial vehicle industry, which has been hit hard by Corona. In addition, it also serves the climate and the environment, as there are now strong incentives to phase out old vehicles with high emissions.”

The new incentive program will subsidize the purchase of Euro VI emission level trucks by up to 15,000 euros. This also includes gas-powered vehicles. The program also covers the purchase of electric or hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles. The prerequisite is the scrapping of a conventional, diesel-powered commercial vehicle with emission levels Euro 0 to Euro V/EEV. Each new, subsidized vehicle must also be equipped with rolling resistance-optimized tires and a cornering assistance system.

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