At the general meeting of the Association of International Motor Vehicle Manufacturers today, several board members were elected in rotation.

Uwe Hochgeschurtz was confirmed by the General Assembly as VDIK Vice President and Board Member for another two years. Hochgeschurtz is Chairman of the Board of Renault Deutschland AG.

Frank Jürgens (Spokesman of the Board of Management of ŠKODA AUTO Deutschland GmbH) was also re-elected as a member of the Board for another two years.

Newly appointed to the VDIK Board are Werner H. Frey (Managing Director Mitsubishi Motors Deutschland GmbH), Bernhard Kaplan (Managing Director Mazda Motors Deutschland GmbH), Alexander Lutz (Managing Director Polestar Automotive Germany GmbH), André Schmidt (President Toyota Deutschland GmbH) and Jan-Kas van der Stelt (Managing Director Jaguar Land Rover Deutschland GmbH).

The board also includes VDIK President Reinhard Zirpel and Jürgen Keller (Managing Director Hyundai Motor Deutschland GmbH).

The current VDIK Executive Board is made up as follows:

Reinhard Zirpel, VDIK President

Uwe Hochgeschurtz, VDIK Vice President
Chairman of the Board of Management Renault Deutschland AG

Werner H. Frey
Managing Director Mitsubishi Motors Deutschland GmbH

Frank Jürgens
Spokesman of the Management Board ŠKODA AUTO Deutschland GmbH

Bernhard Kaplan
Managing Director Mazda Motors Deutschland GmbH

Jürgen Keller
Managing Director Hyundai Motor Deutschland GmbH

Alexander Lutz
Managing Director Polestar Automotive Germany GmbH

André Schmidt
President Toyota Germany GmbH

Jan-Kas van der Stelt
Managing Director Jaguar Land Rover Deutschland GmbH

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