The Association of International Motor Vehicle Manufacturers welcomes a new member. Following a decision by the Board of Directors, the London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) will be admitted to the VDIK as of January 1, 2022. This means that the association now represents 40 brands of passenger car and commercial vehicle manufacturers from 13 countries in Germany.

Reinhard Zirpel, VDIK President, emphasized: “Our member companies developed vehicles with alternative drives early on and brought them to market. Today, the VDIK brands in Germany offer more than 140 electrified car and truck models. We are pleased to welcome LEVC as another company in our ranks that is focusing on electric vehicles.”

LEVC is the manufacturer of the well-known London Taxi (TX) and has relaunched this vehicle in 2018. It runs purely on electricity and is also equipped with a range extender to prevent range anxiety. Also on offer is a van that uses the same technology. Martin Rada, Managing Director LEVC Europe said, “Germany remains a critical market leader in e-mobility and sustainability. I am pleased to say that we now have over 12 sales and service partners in Germany, and a total of 33 across Europe. VDIK membership is an important step for us to further expand our market presence in Germany.”

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