Yesterday, the Bundestag passed the new fast-charging law. This means that the tendering process for around 1,000 fast-charging sites in Germany can begin. In this way, the federal government wants to create a nationwide high-power charging network by 2023.

VDIK President Reinhard Zirpel commented: “The fast charging network is a particularly important building block to further increase the range of use of electric vehicles. Longer journeys will also be possible without any problems in the future, and there will no longer be any range anxiety. Now the development should begin as quickly as possible.” Fast charging points in the new network must have a charging capacity of at least 150 kilowatts. These high charging capacities are crucial, especially at locations along trunk roads, so that recharging can take place in the shortest possible time.

At present, the operation of fast-charging points is only very rarely possible in a way that covers costs. The federal government has therefore decided to put the construction and operation of charging points out to tender. Private operators are to be selected who will then set up and operate fast charging points on behalf of the federal government. Locations of existing facilities are to be taken into account in order to avoid competitive situations or the unnecessary construction of charging points.

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