The Bundestag yesterday passed a comprehensive reform of the residential property law. In the future, both condominium owners and tenants will have a legal claim to the installation of a charging device for an electric vehicle. Who wants to create on its parking bay a loading point, must ask in the future no more all joint owners for agreement. Reinhard Zirpel, President of the Association of International Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (VDIK), said: “We welcome the fact that the German Bundestag has finally passed this important reform of the residential property law. This is a clear, long-awaited step forward for the private charging infrastructure. After all, a good charging infrastructure is of utmost importance to help electric mobility achieve a breakthrough in the long term”.

Surveys of e-car buyers have shown that the ability to charge at home is a crucial prerequisite for purchasing an electric car. To achieve the target of around 10 million electric cars in Germany by 2030, the automotive industry estimates that 8 to 11 million charging points will be needed in the private sector.

German rental and residential property law has been a central obstacle to the establishment of private charging points. The law for the promotion of electromobility and for the modernization of the residential property law is intended to remedy this situation. In the future, both condominium owners and tenants are to have a right to install charging infrastructure.

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