In Germany, significantly more electric vehicles were newly registered in January. The Federal Motor Transport Authority registered 7,492 passenger cars with battery electric drive (BEV). The increase is 61 percent. The VDIK member companies delivered almost half of all new BEVs (49 percent). In addition, 8,639 plug-in hybrids were newly registered. This number has quadrupled compared to the same month last year. In total, 16,143 new electric vehicles hit the roads (plus 138 percent). At just under 7 percent, the share of electric vehicles in the overall market is already significantly higher in January than in 2019 (3 percent).

Reinhard Zirpel, President of the Association of International Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (VDIK) said: “Customers’ interest in electric vehicles is currently increasing noticeably. Many international manufacturers are benefiting from this, as they already have a comprehensive range of electric vehicles. The best-selling battery electric car will again come from a VDIK company in January 2020. The plug-in hybrid with the highest registration is also an imported car”.

Overall demand for vehicles with alternative drive systems rose sharply at the beginning of the year: 39,237 new passenger cars with alternative drive systems were registered, including electric cars as well as hybrids and gas cars. The increase is 87 percent. As a result, cars with alternative drive systems achieved a 16 percent share of the total market in January, compared with almost 9 percent in 2019.

The demand for natural gas vehicles has also increased significantly. 882 CNG passenger cars were newly registered in January. That is an increase of 260 percent. Three quarters of the vehicles come from international manufacturers. The combustion of natural gas in the engine produces significantly lower CO2, nitrogen oxide and particulate emissions compared to petrol and diesel.

The increase in the environmental bonus will have an additional positive effect in the further course of the year. According to the Federal Ministry of Economics, the higher purchase bonus for electric vehicles is to come into force in the short term. According to VDIK President Zirpel, the measure will “give another significant boost to electric mobility in Germany. Manufacturers, dealers and especially customers have been waiting for this signal”.

A list of electric vehicles from international manufacturers with currently around 50 e-models available on the market can be found here.


Units +/- (%) Share of total car market International brands (VDIK)
BEV 7,492 61 49
PHEV 8,639 308 34
FCEV 12 -29 100
Electric Vehicles (total) 16,143 138 7 41
HEV 22,166 70 43
CNG 882 260 75
LPG 46 -95 91
Alternative Drivetrains (total) 39,237 87 16 43


Electric vehicles: BEV, PHEV and FCEV
BEV, Battery Electric Vehicle
PHEV, Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle
FCEV, Fuel Cell Vehicle, hydrogen vehicle
HEV, Hybrid without plug or non-rechargeable
CNG, Compressed Natural Gas
LPG, Liquified Petroleum Gas

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