Since the start of the lockdown measures in Germany in mid-March, new car registrations have fallen by more than half. Although car dealerships have reopened, there has not yet been a significant recovery in the automobile market. Reinhard Zirpel, President of the Association of International Motor Vehicle Manufacturers, therefore emphasized: “In the short term, an automotive economic stimulus package will be unavoidable in order to avert dangers to companies and jobs. Two goals must be achieved in this context: The measures must take effect quickly and reach high-volume segments. In addition, the incentives should provide further impetus for the purchase of low-emission vehicles. Furthermore, decisions should be taken quickly. An ongoing discussion about possible incentives can lead to additional purchasing restraint.

The International Motor Vehicle Manufacturers are therefore bringing a concept into the discussion that is both effective in terms of economic policy and contributes to climate protection. It comprises three pillars which stand side by side:

1 In order to quickly stimulate the automotive market and improve air quality, new vehicles of all kinds with the cleanest exhaust gas technology* are to be promoted for a limited period of time. This measure may be linked to the replacement of an old vehicle with high emissions.

2 Battery electric vehicles (BEVs), plug-in hybrids and fuel cell vehicles that receive the environmental bonus are to be promoted even more strongly with an additional bonus to further reduce CO2 emissions. To this end, the current state share could be doubled at times.

3 In the case of the eco-bonus, an additional category for particularly low-emission vehicles with CO2 emissions in the order of 95g/km is to be introduced.

Zirpel continued: “A cleverly designed economic stimulus package should stimulate demand for the automotive market as quickly as possible and set the course for long-term investment in future-proof technologies.

* For cars: Euro6dTemp or Euro6d, for trucks: EuroVI

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