Berlin. At the general meeting of the Association of International Motor Vehicle Manufacturers, several board members were elected today.

Uwe Hochgeschurtz (Chairman of the Board of Renault Deutschland AG) was confirmed as VDIK Vice President for two years.

In addition, the following board members were re-elected for two years:
Peter Hornig (Managing Director Scania Deutschland GmbH)
Frank Jürgens (Spokesman of the Management Board Skoda Auto Deutschland GmbH)
Wolfgang Schlimme (Managing Director Citroen Deutschland GmbH)
Maria Grazia Davino (Chief Executive Officer FCA Germany AG) was newly appointed to the VDIK Executive Board.

The executive board also includes:
Reinhard Zirpel (VDIK President)
Dr. Kolja Rebstock (Managing Director Mitsubishi Motors Deutschland Automobile GmbH)
Alain Uyttenhoven (President Toyota Deutschland GmbH).

The Association of International Motor Vehicle Manufacturers has represented the interests of international passenger car and commercial vehicle manufacturers in Germany since 1952. With their 36 brands, the VDIK member companies sold over 1.3 million passenger cars in Germany in 2018. That is a market share of just under 39 percent. In addition, the VDIK members sold over 110,000, or 28.5 percent, of the new commercial vehicles registered in Germany in 2018.

The current VDIK Executive Board is made up as follows:

Reinhard Zirpel, President

Uwe Hochgeschurtz, VDIK Vice President

Maria Grazia Davino
Chief Executive Officer FCA Germany AG

Peter Hornig
Managing Director Scania Deutschland GmbH

Frank Jürgens
Spokesman of the Management Board SKODA AUTO Deutschland GmbH

Dr. Kolja Rebstock
Managing Director Mitsubishi Motors Deutschland Automobile GmbH

Wolfgang Schlimme

Alain Uyttenhoven
President Toyota Germany GmbH

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