“Alternative drives for passenger cars and commercial vehicles need strong incentives to encourage customers to switch. Irrespective of the question of the CO2 pricing system, it is clear that the stronger certain incentives are, the more low-emission vehicles and environmentally friendly commercial vehicles will be purchased and the faster CO2 emissions in transport will fall,” said Reinhard Zirpel, President of the Association of International Motor Vehicle Manufacturers, commenting on the proposals currently being discussed by the Federal Ministry of Transport on climate policy.


Zirpel further emphasized: “It makes sense to significantly increase the environmental bonus for a limited period of time. Electric vehicles need a boost when they are purchased because they are currently still in small numbers. In addition, a technology-open approach is necessary to achieve the climate targets that have been set. In addition to electric mobility, hydrogen, gas and alternative fuels are also important elements. Promoting the individual technologies with appropriate instruments is therefore the right approach. For this reason, the proposed increase in the purchase premium for environmentally friendly trucks and the restructuring of the truck toll are also welcomed.


International vehicle manufacturers will make a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions from transport. The international brands in particular launched vehicles with alternative drivetrains on the market at an early stage. Electric vehicles and low-emission commercial vehicles and are already available in great variety to customers in Germany today, also thanks to the wide range of products offered by international manufacturers.”

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