The Federal Ministry of Justice announced to amend the to significantly facilitate the construction of private charging stations for electric cars.


VDIK President Reinhard Zirpel explains: “It is urgently necessary to amend the home ownership law in order to make it easier to set up private charging stations. In future, it must no longer be possible for individuals to block the installation of such charging points in car parks in residential complexes. The electric mobility friendly reform is particularly urgent. The international manufacturers therefore welcome that the Ministry of Justice now wants to launch a Home ownership law amendment, which has been planned for a long time and agreed upon in the coalition treaty.”


Uncertainty about the availability of charging facilities is still a central challenge for the purchase of electric cars today. Therefore, the private charging infrastructure plays an important role. Around 85 percent of charging takes place at home. That is why it is necessary to massively accelerate the development of a private charging infrastructure. Around ten million private charging points will be needed by 2030. Up to one million public charging points will have to be created, too.

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