“Germany must speed up its efforts for alternative drive systems. Especially in the transport sector, Germany has set itself ambitious climate protection targets. In order to achieve them, significantly more low-emission vehicles will have to be put on the roads in the coming years. To this end, the federal government should draw up a long-term overall strategy for alternative drive systems, decisions on measures should be taken quickly and in a coordinated manner.” This is what VDIK President Reinhard Zirpel said at the traditional summer reception of the Association of International Motor Vehicle Manufacturers in Berlin.


Zirpel welcomed the German government’s intention to extend the tax relief for electric vehicles used for business purposes until 2030. In addition, incentives for private and commercial car buyers to buy cars will also be necessary in the coming years in order to make the purchase worthwhile. Zirpel: “The environmental bonus is a decisive instrument. An extension of the environmental bonus is therefore indispensable, if possible also until 2030. In addition, the expansion of the charging infrastructure must be further accelerated. Zirpel stressed: “There are currently a good 20,000 public charging points. That is far too little. Especially the private charging infrastructure is of great importance. We therefore welcome the announcement by the Ministry of Justice to facilitate the construction of private charging points by amending the home ownership law. In addition, the network for hydrogen fueling stations must be further expanded. The fuel cell is also an indispensable technology for the mobility of the future”.


The international manufacturers brought vehicles with alternative drive systems onto the market at an early stage. Thanks to the VDIK brands, electric cars in particular are already available in a wide range for customers in Germany today. In the entire passenger car market, which includes all drive types, the brands of the VDIK member companies account for 39 percent of the market share. This share has risen steadily in recent years. International manufacturers are also important suppliers of commercial vehicles.

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