Bad Homburg. Numerous international motor vehicle manufacturers have announced that they will offer attractive exchange programs and thus contribute to accelerated fleet renewal and improved air quality in cities.

These programs flank the strategy of switching to state-of-the-art Euro6 vehicles and alternative drive systems, which began immediately after the Diesel Summit in August 2017.

Currently, one year before the launch date, a wide range of Euro6d-temp vehicles is available for purchase from almost all VDIK members, as is a large selection of electric and hybrid vehicles.

The VDIK and its members are concerned about the hardware retrofitting of diesel passenger cars. In particular, no short-term improvement in air quality can be achieved as a result. From a legal point of view, the question of liability is still unresolved. Technically, a large number of vehicles are not suitable for retrofitting. From an economic point of view, it must be borne in mind that the VDIK member companies only have a share of less than 30 percent of the diesel stock, which is also spread across a large number of models and model variants.

VDIK President Reinhard Zirpel: “The international motor vehicle manufacturers have already made a significant contribution to air improvement through their various activities. Numerous VDIK members will support the strategy of avoiding driving bans by offering exchange premiums in the affected cities and contribute constructively to the rapid renewal of the vehicle population with attractive premium offers.

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