Bad Homburg. The number of road deaths has declined significantly in recent years, yet cyclists and pedestrians are repeatedly endangered or come to harm by turning trucks. The VDIK supports all measures that contribute to increasing traffic safety, including the rapid introduction of turning-assistance systems. A Europe-wide harmonized regulation of such systems is undoubtedly the most sustainable solution.

Federal Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer has launched the “Initiative turning assistant” to accelerate the spread of turning-assistance systems in Germany. At the joint meeting with companies of the logistics industry, manufacturers, associations, testing organizations as well as car driver and cyclist clubs, the campaign was launched with broad support.

VDIK President Reinhard Zirpel: “As an official supporter of the “Initiative turning assistant”, together with our member companies, we will promote the turning-assistance systems and develop corresponding offers for interested customers. We expressly support the Federal Minister of Transport in its activity of achieving a Europe-wide regulation as soon as possible”.

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