Bad Homburg. The VDIK welcomes today’s decision of the Federal Cabinet to extend the tax reduction for natural gas as a fuel until 2026.

This is an important step towards the creation of planning security for all stakeholders. Natural-gas-powered vehicles make a significant contribution to compliance with the pollutant limits for NOx, noise, particulate matter and to achieve the long-term CO2 targets. Especially in the commercial vehicle sector, the natural gas drive (CNG or LNG) is one of the few sensible alternatives to the diesel drive that has been dominating so far.

Regrettably, an extension of the tax reduction for liquefied petroleum gas has not been adopted. The liquefied-gas drive with its significantly lower emissions compared to gasoline and diesel engines could also support the climate targets of the Federal Government and make a significant contribution to improve air quality.

VDIK President Reinhard Zirpel: “We expressly welcome the fact that the uncertainty is finally coming to an end. With the decision to extend the tax reduction, planning security is created for manufacturers, drivers and gas station operators as a first step. The Paris Climate Protection Agreement and the German Climate Protection Plan 2050, however, require additional funding measures for gas as a fuel beyond the year 2026. “

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