VDIK welcomes Extension of Innovation Premium

Today, Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck announced the extension of the purchase premium for electric vehicles in its current amount until the end of 2022. Reinhard Zirpel, President of the Association of International Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (VDK), commented: “The electric car purchase premium is essential for the success of electric mobility in Germany. We therefore very much welcome the announcement by the Federal Minister of Economics. This creates planning security for customers, dealers and manufacturers. The previously threatened slump in the e-car market can thus be averted.”

The VDIK had repeatedly pointed out the necessity of the rapid extension of the innovation premium in recent weeks. Purely electrically powered passenger cars will now continue to be subsidized by up to 9000 euros until the end of 2022. Plug-in hybrids will receive a maximum of 6750 euros.

The traffic light coalition has announced a reform of the innovation premium starting in 2023. VDIK President Zirpel: “We warn against the environmental bonus melting down too much in the coming years. The bonus remains very important for the market ramp-up in the medium term. However, the reform should be used to eliminate some bureaucratic rules and create long-term planning security.”