Higher environmental bonus applies retroactively

The higher purchase premium for electric vehicles comes into effect tomorrow. The new subsidy rates will apply retroactively to vehicles registered after 3 June. The revised guideline for the environmental bonus was already published today in the Federal Gazette. Reinhard Zirpel, President of the Association of International Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (VDIK), commented: “The increase in the eco-bonus sends a clear signal: Despite the crisis, it is now more than ever worthwhile to rely on vehicles with alternative drive systems. We expect a significant boost in demand for electric cars in the second half of the year.”

As part of its economic stimulus package, the German government is doubling the federal share of the environmental bonus for e-cars. The manufacturer’s share remains the same. The doubling of the federal share of the eco-bonus is valid until the end of 2021. battery electric vehicles (BEV) or fuel cell vehicles (FCEV) will now receive a total of 9,000 euros and plug-in hybrids (PHEV) 6,750 euros bonus at a net list price of less than 40,000 euros. For net list prices of more than 40,000 and up to 65,000 euros, BEVs or FCEVs will receive 7,500 euros and PHEVs 5,625 euros bonus. The new subsidy rates can be applied retroactively for vehicles registered after 3 June 2020. The increased subsidy also applies to young used vehicles with a second registration after this date.

The VDIK had already recommended a temporary doubling of the federal share of the eco-bonus in April. With their wide range of currently over 70 electric models, the international manufacturers are making an important contribution to the success of electric mobility in Germany. Battery-electric cars and plug-in hybrids are now available to German customers in a wide variety, thanks in part to the range of products offered by the international manufacturers.