VDIK welcomes planned special tax depreciations for electric vehicles

Bad Homburg. According to the information on hand, the National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency (Nationaler Aktionsplan Energieeffizienz - NAPE) of the Federal Ministry of Economics provides for a special tax depreciation for electric vehicles used for work or business purposes, allowing for 50 percent of the purchase price to be written off in the year of purchase.

VDIK President Volker Lange: "I applaud the proposed special depreciation for company cars with electric drive trains. It is a welcome complement to the planned law on electric mobility. However, in order to reach the goal set by the federal government of having one million electric vehicles on Germany's roads by 2020, additional efficient purchase incentives, which reduce the price difference to vehicles with conventional drive trains and extends also to private buyers, must be introduced as soon as possible."

Moreover, an efficient charging infrastructure offering not only the conventional charging options, but also a non-discriminatory quick-charging option for all electric vehicles from national and international manufacturers, must be set up. It is unacceptable that a large percentage of the electric vehicles registered today are excluded from the planned quick-charging infrastructure.

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