Economic factor

The international manufacturers – an important economic driver

The international motor vehicle manufacturers are an important part of the German economy. As a distribution location, Germany is of great importance for them and their German sales subsidiaries.

Well over one million passenger cars and actual over 90,000 commercial vehicles from VDIK member companies are newly registered in Germany each year. In the passenger car market, the 33 makes of the VDIK members represent almost one hundred percent of all newly registered foreign passenger cars in Germany, and around three quarters of all registrations of commercial vehicle imports. They reached a market share of nearly 36 percent new passenger car registrations and about 27 percent new registrations in the commercial vehicle market.

The international manufacturers have 13,672 dealerships in Germany, and employ more than 100,000 people between these dealerships, servicestations and the German sales subsidiaries. They are an important employer for Germany.

For years, the member companies have invested into their infrastructure and established European logistics, training and development centers as well as their European headquarters in Germany. Example include the European headquarters of Hyundai and Kia in the Rhine-Main region, Honda's European training center in Erlensee, the logistics center of the PSA Group in Rieste, as well as a number of subsidiaries of passenger cars and commercial vehicles brands.

Moreover, the parent companies of the VDIK members are major customers of German automotive suppliers; a large percentage of the parts and systems used in vehicle production come from suppliers producing in Germany.