Rescue Data Sheets of the VDIK-Members

Rescue data sheets for fire departments

The continuous improvement of vehicle safety and of technical vehicle equipment has always been a central focus of the international vehicle manufacturers' development work. Thanks to the efforts undertaken by the international auto industry, both passive and active vehicle safety have come a long way over the past decades. These improvements have considerably contributed to the approx. 80% reduction in traffic fatalities in Germany since 1970.

But despite all efforts to make vehicles and roads even safer, it will not be possible to completely prevent accidents from happening in the future. With the introduction of advanced materials, safety features and alternative engine technologies in vehicles, the requirements on rescue personnel have increased.

On all parts, the goal is to make the rescue chain as short, fast and efficient as possible. In order to make it easier for rescue teams to fulfill their tasks in case of an accident, the automobile industry introduced vehicle model-specific rescue data sheets to provide a standardized representation of detailed information supporting patient-focused rescue.

The data sheets were designed in cooperation with the German Fire Protection Association - GFPA (Vereinigung zur Förderung des Deutschen Brandschutzes - VFDB) and emergency rescue physicians (see GFPA Guideline).

In order to be able to handle the large number of data sheets effectively and safely and to keep them up-to-date, VDIK, VDA and Deutschen Automobil Treuhand (DAT), working in cooperation with the Federal Transport Ministry, initiated and successfully launched a forward-looking project. The required software and database were developed by DAT on behalf of VDIK and VDA and launched under the name of SilverDAT FRS. Since the beginning of 2013, emergency rescue personnel can now use an online license plate look-up service to quickly call up the pertinent rescue data sheet for a vehicle that has been involved in an accident and to thus take into account the specific vehicle-related information in their rescue work.

The quality of the available information is ensured through contractual agreements between DAT and the automobile manufacturers. Thanks to this contractual authorization by the vehicle manufacturers, the DAT software SilverDAT FRS is the only one that guarantees that the available information is always up-to-date, thereby ensuring the highest possible data quality.

The SilverDAT FRS software from DAT, combined with the license plate look-up, a practical information system was created for the emergency rescue personnel which must be considered an important element within technical-medical accident emergency rescue.

As many rescue data sheets are already available in multiple languages, the system can be easily transferred to other countries around the globe. Moreover, the DAT FRS software was already designed to allow for its integration with the future European automatic emergency call system eCall.



The VDIK is not responsible for the contents of the manufacturers' rescue data sheets or rescue guidelines.

The contents of this website are intended for trained rescue specialists only, providing information on how to rescue persons from vehicles that have been involved in an accident in Germany. The vehicle-specific information may be used for this purpose only.