Public Affairs / Communications / Press

Through its media and PR work, the VDIK seeks to raise the political and media communication and the trust of the German public in the performance of the international motor vehicle manufacturers. At the same time, the Media and PR Department persistently promotes the image of and lobbies for its members in an effort to create a political, economic and social climate that is favorable for them and to further encourage the sale of vehicles produced by manufacturers outside of Germany. Aside from representatives of all media, our PR work targets decision-makers in the parliaments and ministries at the EU, federal and state level, universities and colleges as well as associations and federations.

In order to achieve its goals, the Department uses various forms of media and PR work. The VDIK issues press releases to inform the media on important industry topics. These press releases reflect the current situation in the auto industry and especially as it regards our member companies, as well as the future orientation of our Association.