It supports the VDIK member companies in all matters relating to tax law, financial management and accounting, human resources, purchasing and data protection/privacy regulations. In addition, it handles all questions and inquiries relating to customs law. In the area of tax law, one of the main focuses of the Department's activities is to inform the member companies about new legislative projects, recent decisions by the tax courts and the Federal Finance Court, and about administrative orders issued by the Federal Finance Ministry and the revenue offices of the individual states. But internal accounting and controlling also have been steadily gaining importance in the past. Here, too, the VDIK offers its member companies advice as well as a platform where they can share their experiences.

The department also deals with tax-related topics in connection with mobility. This includes, for example, the energy tax, the motor vehicle tax, and the taxation of company cars under the Income Tax Act. In this area, we are anticipating that the imminent changes related to a growing trend towards electric mobility and ever new demands from Brussels with regard to energy taxes will lead to an increased need for talks with the ministries involved and to a great need for information on the part of the VDIK member companies.

The sharing of experiences in dealing with the financial authorities in a variety of matters has become an important topic for our members. It has become even more important in light of the centralization of the databases maintained by the authorities. Some of the areas that need to be mentioned here are the issues surrounding internal transfer prices and the digital audit (GDPdU), as well as the general sharing of information about all areas covered by fiscal audits. Moreover, the demand for comparisons between member companies in the area of financial management and accounting has also grown in the past years. Human resources topics discussed on a regular basis include general questions concerning labor and social welfare legislation, performance reviews and bonus systems, and dealing with works councils and labor-management agreements. Here too, there is an increasing interest among companies in comparisons with other VDIK member companies. The new forums for the exchange of opinions on purchasing and on data protection/privacy, both of which were set up in the past few years, prove that these topics are of growing importance for our member companies.

Another field falling under the responsibility of the Finance and Administration Department targets effective communication channels with member companies. In order to guarantee an optimal and smooth flow of information between the VDIK and its members at all times, our office has state-of-the-art hardware and software infrastructure including all related components. Whenever possible, we use e-mail to distribute our circulars, information and newsletters. The new, Internet-based communication system allows for fast feedback and easy data collection. Via the VDIK INFONET, members have direct online access to our extensive data archive containing all important documents from all VDIK departments since at least 1995.

In addition to the above responsibilities, the Finance and Administration Department is also responsible for a variety of internal tasks, such as procurement and general administrative jobs, management of the VDIK office in Bad Homburg and the branch office in Berlin, and internal accounting for the VDIK and VDIK Service- & Beratungs-GmbH including payroll, bookkeeping, budgeting and financial statement preparation.

The VDIK in Berlin
The VDIK representative office in the German capital was opened in 2003. It is located at Rheinbabenallee 43a on the outskirts of Dahlem in the District of Charlottenburg. It functions as a VDIK office and is used for events and meetings. The prestigious building is also available to the VDIK member companies, who can use it for their own events. With its close proximity to policy-makers and government, our Berlin office is an excellent basis for networking in the federal capital, and it even has guest rooms that can be used for overnight stays when attending one of the many events in Berlin.