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In the context of the fine dust debate, the VDIK already pointed out in 2005 that permanent and sustainable compliance with the air quality targets defined by the EU could only be achieved through a steady replacement of old vehicles with modern, new ones with very low-pollutant gasoline or diesel engines or alternative drives. Likewise, compliance with the air quality limits for nitrogen dioxide stipulated by the European Commission is only possible if modern Euro5 or Euro6/VI vehicles get put on the road as quickly as possible. For motorists, the steady replacement of old vehicles with new ones has several benefits:

  1. They are not affected by driving bans.
  2. Modern new vehicles use much less fuel.
  3. This saves motorists money at the fuel pump.
  4. As a result, they make a significant contribution to reaching climate protection targets.
  5. These modern vehicles (4 to 5 stars EuroNCAP, equipped with modern driver assistance systems), are much safer to drive.

As part of its 'Initiative for Clean Air', the international motor vehicle manufacturers offer customers individual and attractive packages for the purchase of a new vehicle. The VDIK argues vehemently against traffic restrictions for compliance with air quality targets, since such restrictions would impact both goods and passenger transport in the inner cities significantly. With the 'Initiative for Clean Air', the VDIK once again takes on a leadership role and in return, demands the following from policy makers:

  • Incentives for the acquisition of new vehicles with particularly low-pollutant Otto or diesel engines and of vehicles with alternative drive technologies irrespective of the technology and based on performance requirements applicable throughout Europe.
  • Special consideration of the importance of electric vehicles, which locally do not generate any emissions at all.
  • Tax benefits for natural gas and liquid gas beyond 2018.
  • Creating, as fast as possible, respective financial incentives in the context of the truck toll for the acquisition of EuroVI commercial vehicles.
  • Ongoing financing of the support program for the acquisition of low-emission heavy commercial vehicles and continuous incentive for the replacement of older commercial vehicles with EuroVI commercial vehicles.

The full text of the recommendations issued by the VDIK Board can be found at:
Recommendation of the VDIK Board for the sustainable improvement of air quality by replacing old passenger cars and trucks (VDIK's 'Init iative for Clean Air').