CO2 emission and fuel consumption guide

With fuel prices having stabilized at a high level, the demand for vehicles with low fuel consumption Otto or Diesel engines or alternative engines or fuels is constantly on the rise. The European Commission wants to reduce the average CO2 emissions of new passenger cars to 120 g/km by 2015, and to 95g/km by 2020.

The Guide on Fuel Economy and CO2 Emissions of all new passenger vehicle models marketed in Germany can be downloaded as a PDF file at no charge.

The high-level group CARS 21 recommends an integrated concept covering all stakeholders and political areas. The measures to lower CO2emissions include vehicle engineering measures, alternative fuels, eco-conscious driving, gear shift indicators, fiscal incentives, consumer information, labeling of vehicle emission levels, and traffic jam by-pass systems. The group specifically recommends the further development of second generation biofuels and points to hydrogen as being the most promising energy medium in the long term.