Environmental considerations have a growing impact on the engineering of modern motor vehicles. The VDIK‚ÄČtherefore promotes the interests of its members in environmental discussions at the national and European level, especially with regard to CO2 emissions, fuel economy and exhaust gas regulations for passenger cars and trucks. Concerning the implementation of the European End-of-Life Vehicle Directive and other regulations governing the recovery/recycling of packaging, batteries and electronic waste, the VDIK‚ÄČand other lobby groups have been exercising considerable influence on the German Environment Ministry and will continue to do so in the future. The VDIK informs its members on a regular basis about the changing framework for the marketing of vehicles with alternative engines, in particular in connection with "electric mobility", and is actively involved in the competent bodies. The development and supply of viable alternative fuels along with future battery technologies, and the development of an infrastructure catering to electric, natural gas and fuel cell vehicles is taking up more and more space. The VDIK takes an active part in discussing these topics with policy-makers, the petroleum industry, the energy industry and environmental groups.