Truck toll

Currently, the use of motorways as well as more than 2,000 km of federal roads in Germany is subject to tolls for commercial vehicles with a weight of 7.5 tonnes or more. In 2016, the revenue from the truck toll amounted to 4.6 billion EUROS. After deduction of the collection costs, 3.4 billion EUROS remain for the maintenance and construction of federal highways. This means, truck toll is the largest single item for the financing of federal highways, which is currently set at over 6 billion EUROS. As of mid-2018, road tolls will be extended to all federal roads and the Federal Government expects an increase of approx. 2 billion EUROS revenue per year, less cost of collection. Contrary to the original planning to burden federal roads unlike motorways with significantly higher toll rates, the law passed fortunately does not provide any differentiation here. The creativity of the legislator to generate additional revenue is reflected in the discussions about the extension of tolls on 3.5 t gross vehicle weight as well as the inclusion of external costs. Both are rejected by the VDIK.