Transport policy

The VDIK lobbies on behalf of its members in matters related to transport policy, environmental protection, alternative engines, and road safety.

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Legal Affairs / Sales

Legal questions have an ever growing impact on the sale of new motor vehicles. This is why the two areas in the Department for Legal Affairs and Sales have been bundled.

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Our work in the area of technology and engineering is focused on vehicle engineering and all of the complex questions regarding vehicle safety, road safety, type approval and registration, as well as technical legislation at the national and international level.

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Aftersales Service

The aftersales area stabilizes car dealerships and ensures long-term profits. The goal is to keep drivers loyal to the brand and have them turn to the manufacturers service organization throughout the entire time they own the vehicle.

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Environmental protection is an important aspect in the further development of modern motor vehicles. Sustainability, efficient use of ever scarcer resources, and emission reduction are all crucial aspects. Climate protection and air quality are constantly being improved.

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Economic Affairs, Statistics and Marketing

The Department for Economic Affairs, Statistics and Marketing provides reliable information on market developments to the member companies.

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Finance / Administration

The Finance and Administration Department deals with the following areas: Financial management and accounting, human resources, purchasing, data protection/privacy and general administration.

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Public Affairs / Communications / Press

The VDIK's media and public relations work promotes trust, improves the image of our member companies and supports our lobbying efforts.

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